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Our competent person service is primarily aimed at small to medium sized businesses. If it’s not cost effective to employ full time safety professionals, then let mdp safety be your safety team! We have a wealth of experience and a vast network of associates ready to support us, we’re able to assist businesses in protecting their workforce and achieving legal compliance.

In order to make a real difference, this is an annual service that provides businesses with as many consultant days as they deem necessary. Whilst this service is bespoke for each client, the following are examples of topics that we usually give advice, assistance and support with:

  • H&S Policy
  • Procedures
  • Risk assessment
  • Training
  • Planning for emergencies
  • Safety reporting
  • Workplace monitoring
  • Incident investigation
  • Advice and guidance

Your business will also be able to name mdp safety as its competent Health and Safety Advisor.

We offer a free initial consultation meeting to introduce ourselves and understand your business needs and requirements. This will then be followed up with a formal proposal.

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Call 07496 506 940

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