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COVID-19 Risk Management

Are you a business or organisation that continues to operate or one that’s restarting after a short period of closure?  If you are, you must adhere to government guidance and so far, the guidance has been left open to interpretation…

mdp safety has the risk management skills and resources to help businesses and organisations interpret the guidance by providing client specific and bespoke consultancy activities that address COVID-19 workplace safety measures in the following areas…

  • Amending or drafting risk assessments, systems of work, operating procedures
  • Workplace population control and premises entry and exit strategies
  • Hygiene, cleaning and social distancing measures
  • Work environment and workstation design and alteration
  • Travelling to, from and on behalf of work
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Communication, signage and markings
  • Assurance activities – audits and inspections for measuring and checking conformity

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